Apprenticeship Ambassadors


Local Apprentices who champion and support marketing, publicity and events to raise awareness of apprenticeships.  Would you like to become an Ambassador for Apprenticeships and maybe visit your local school, often with your own apprentice/s, to talk to the students and share your experiences?  Or are you interested in attending events to promote apprenticeships? Or would you like to complete a case study which can be used in marketing and publicity?

Then please email who will be able to help you with this or any other areas where you would like to help in raising the profile of Apprenticeships.



Pippa Dressler-Pearson – Apprentice of the Year 2016 – Southco LTD


I went to High School in Hereford where I completed my GCSE’s.  Upon leaving school I decided I wanted to give Sixth Form a try.  I chose to do A Levels in Mathematics, German, Business Studies, and Physics. After my first year I found that Physics wasn’t for me so I dropped the subject and continued with the others.

During college our tutors wanted us to start the university application process.  We also had meetings with our careers adviser to explore other pathways.  I didn’t really want to go to university because I didn’t think my grades would be good enough and I wasn’t keen on paying the higher university fees.  After a meeting with my careers adviser I decided to see what apprenticeships were about and maybe apply to some training providers.  I went home and spoke with mum and dad.  Luckily they were very supportive, and that helped me make the decision in applying to the local Training Provider – Hereford & Worcester Group Training Association (H/WGTA).

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 Lauren Baker – Green Lighting Ltd

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I went to school in Kidderminster at King Charles I School & Sixth Form, this is where I decided to stay on to complete my A Levels. I chose to do A Levels in English Language and Literature, Economics, ICT and Sociology. After my first months I found that Sociology wasn’t for me so I dropped the subject and continued with the others. During sixth form our teachers wanted us to start the university application process. We also had meetings with our careers adviser to explore other pathways. After a meeting with my careers adviser I decided to see what apprenticeships were about and maybe apply to some training providers.

Fortunately for me I was able to take advantage of the apprenticeship programme through Heart of Worcestershire College after I took my A levels. I knew that I did not want to stay in education and take the traditional university route.  I wanted a career and to be a successful business woman, I had the grades to gain a degree but I did not see this as the best path for me. I did not see the apprentice route as second best I saw it as the fasted and most appropriate method for me to gain experience, credence and knowledge in business.

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George Harris – Warwickshire & West Mercia Police

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After finishing school in Year 11 the natural next step was to go onto Sixth Form. I was never 100% sure on what I wanted to do when I was ‘older’ and had much admiration for those that were confident they wanted to go to University to study Maths, Geography or Medicine.

I was still not sure, so I followed everyone else and signed up to UCAS to start looking at possible University options. Trips around the country followed, where I visited UWE, Oxford Brookes, Bath Spa and Surrey. All of them appeared interesting; however I found it difficult to see myself at any of them. None of them really persuaded me that I was on the right path.

Feeling quite deflated, I prepared and submitted my UCAS application with no real desire to go to any of my chosen Universities. I selected my particular course (Business Management) because it offered a year in industry. This excited me as it was a chance to practice what I was learning in a real work environment, while still getting paid…..

…..I’m sure you know where this is going.

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Victoria Rawlings – TRS Claims


img_7519From staying on at Evesham High School Sixth Form, now DMS, I was excited to be accepted by the University of Wales Institute to study Sports Conditioning, Rehabilitation and Massage and have that much needed independence. After 2 years at university, I realised I didn’t want to pursue a career in this field and much preferred my part time job within Promotion and Sales.

I made the difficult decision to leave my life in Cardiff behind with no idea what to do but felt I needed to start my career as I’m quite ambitious and felt disappointed to not finish my degree. Looking at my part time role whilst at university, I decided on a marketing role. Given my lack of experience and my drive to continue to learn, I began looking into apprenticeships in Worcestershire as I wanted to continue my education but have a career at the same time.

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 Alex Tyrer – Sanctuary Group

Alex Tyrer on stage

I completed my GCSE’s at Nunnery Wood High School in Worcester. Towards the end of my school life I began to worry about what my next step would be, Worcester Sixth Form College was one option as I had secured a place there, but I wanted to explore other opportunities before making a final decision. I had heard great things about apprenticeship opportunities through HWGTA (Hereford & Worcester Group Training Association) so I decided to apply for a finance apprenticeship, as that was the area I had most interest in.

HWGTA then arranged an interview for me with Sanctuary Group which resulted in them offering me a place on their apprenticeship scheme. Although I believed an apprenticeship would be a great opportunity, I was unsure as to whether finance was definitely the career for me. After a great deal of consideration I decided at that time It would be best for me to attend the Sixth Form College and study subjects related to finance, such as Accounting, Economics and Business Studies.

When I informed Sanctuary about my decision they were very supportive and encouraged me to consider applying again in the future.

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Faisal Zaib – Sanctuary Group



I went to a Worcester High School, Blessed Edward Oldcorne where I completed my GCSE’s. When I left school, I was unsure what I wanted to do and my parents were steering me towards university and ultimately completing a degree. I decided to go to Worcester Sixth Form College and chose to do a BTEC National Diploma in Business and A-Level Sociology where I obtained Triple Distinction (equivalent to 3 A’s at A-level) and a C in Sociology.

Because of my results this secured me a place at the University of Worcester to study Business Management. However I was having many doubts in my head whether I actually wanted to go to university as numerous factors were really deterring me away from it such as the increased tuition fees, did I even want to study business management? 3 more years of full time studying with no job guarantee?
For these reasons I spoke with the university and decided to take a “gap year” during which time I ended up travelling to parts of South East Asia (Kashmir).

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