Details of offer for Schools

Worcestershire Apprenticeship Hub is a partnership of organisations working together to provide a coordinated approach to the development and delivery of Apprenticeships across Worcestershire. Established to support schools in meeting the Gatsby benchmarks, provide students, parents or teaching staff with the knowledge and understanding of Apprenticeships and provide the  link between education and business.

The main aims are:

  • Help students understand the world of work, different industry sectors and job roles
  • Learn from employers about work, employment and the skills valued in the workplace
  • Enable young people to make more informed career choices Post 16
  • Support Apprenticeship applications by simplifying the application process
  • Inform parents and teaching staff of apprenticeships and how they work

Please see the full offer here AppHub Offer Dec21 Branded

There are 7 fully funded opportunities for schools to engage with;

  1. Apprenticeship Talks (years 7 – 13) or to parents or teaching staff
  2. Apprenticeship Workshops – vacancy search and application support (years 11 – 13)
  3. Industry Visit Days (years 10 – 13) off site to employer premises
  4. Industry Talks led by employers and partners (years 7 – 13)
  5. Mock Interview Days (years 11 – 13)
  6. Apprenticeship Career Fayre support (years 7 – 13)
  7. Sector specific workshops (hands on group activities) year 11-13
    • Engineering
    • Digital & Cyber
    • AgriTech & Land based Engineering
    • Construction
    • Early Years & Paediatric first aid