ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA – To apply for this Award you must be based in, or have a substantial presence in Worcestershire

Employers can nominate themselves for the Worcestershire Apprenticeship Employer of the Year award or be nominated from somebody external.

Worcestershire Employer of the Year – Nomination Form 2019
Please specify the number of employees in your organisation. Use only a single number, i.e. 150
Judges are looking for a sound strategy behind your apprenticeship programme. They want to see a clear rationale for why you introduced apprenticeships into your organisation and what your objectives were. A stand-out answer will include the following: – An outline of your organisation and your apprenticeship programme. – Why your organisation decided to invest in apprenticeships and how this investment fits into your organisation’s overall strategy. – How your apprenticeship programme has helped to meet your organisation’s skills needs – The tangible measures your organisation uses to demonstrate the success of your apprenticeship programme and your investment in it. – Tangible organisational benefits that are a direct result of your investment in apprenticeships, linked to the objectives you set for your apprenticeship programme – Your plans for developing and enhancing your apprenticeship programme.
Provide clear and tangible evidence of how the employer is an exemplary employer. A robust answer will include the following: – Why you believe the delivery of the apprenticeship programme is exceptional. Please make use of any external validation/feedback if available. – Examples of how you/they are committed to promoting investment in skills and sharing best practice through ambassadorial activities. – Why you/they are a role model for other employers.
Judges are looking for evidence of the benefits the apprenticeship programme has brought to both the apprentices and organisation. A good answer will include the following: – How you/they support apprentices beyond the baseline requirements of the relevant apprenticeship framework/standard e.g. additional training, mentoring and ambassadorial activities. – Ways in which apprentices have benefited from the opportunities presented by the apprenticeship programme. – Evidence of progression/promotion/retention successes.

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Deadline for entries and nominations is 12 July 2020

If you experience any problems with completing the online forms please contact enquiries@wlep.co.uk