ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA – To apply for this award the Apprenticeship Champion must be active in Worcestershire

Ambassadors can nominate themselves for the Worcestershire Apprenticeship Champion of the Year award or be nominated from somebody external

Worcestershire Apprenticeship Champion of the Year – Nomination Form 2019
The Apprenticeship Champion of the Year will be awarded to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the championing of apprenticeships. Judges will be looking for strong advocates of the apprenticeship programme who can demonstrate how they proactively promote apprenticeships as an excellent career route. A stand-out answer to this question will include the following: – Details of why you are committed to the promotion of apprenticeships. – An explanation of how you are a pro-active ambassador, going above and beyond your day job to advocate apprenticeships. – Details of specific activities that you have carried out to champion apprenticeships, and the results of these activities. – A description of your future development plans and career aspirations.
The judges are looking for inspirational individuals. This question is your opportunity to grab their attention and stand out from other entrants. Focus on your most outstanding attributes and achievements to explain why you deserve to be named Apprenticeship Champion of the Year. A robust answer will include the following: – Why your most outstanding personal achievements and career successes make you a role model for others. – An explanation of how you would continue to contribute to the promotion of apprenticeships if you are successful as Apprenticeship Champion of the Year

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Deadline for entries and nominations is 12 July 2020

If you experience any problems with completing the online forms please contact enquiries@wlep.co.uk