Worcestershire Apprentice of the Year – Nomination Form 2019
Judges want to understand why you/they chose an apprenticeship and what your/their key duties and responsibilities are in the organisation. A strong entry will include the following: – Why you/they chose an apprenticeship and how you/they applied for it. – An outline of your/their role (including key duties and responsibilities) and how it fits within the organisation. – A description of the team you/they operate in and your/their personal contribution to team objectives and performance. – A summary of your/their personal aspirations and planned career path.
Judges are looking for apprentices that demonstrate exceptional personal qualities and have made significant achievements through their apprenticeship. Try to provide as much evidence as possible (such as feedback from colleagues and examples of ambassadorial activities) to substantiate your answers. A stand-out answer will include the following: – An outline of the skills you/they have developed since starting an apprenticeship. – Details of your/their greatest personal achievements to date, and why you believe these are noteworthy. – How your/their apprenticeship has impacted on you, especially in terms of ambitions and motivation. – Why you believe that others can learn from your/their apprenticeship experiences. – Details of your/their activities as an ambassador for apprenticeships and vocational education both within, and outside, your organisation.
Judges are looking for apprentices that have made a tangible contribution to the success of their employer. Please provide evidence of the positive impact you/they have had on the organisation. For example, details of cost savings you/they have made, innovations you/they have developed or new ways of working that you/they have implemented. A robust answer will include the following: – The part you/they have played in the employer’s overall organisational success. – Your/their employer’s business objectives and how you/they have contributed to achieving them. – Specific examples and/or measures that demonstrate the impact you/they have made. – How the skills you/they have developed have benefited the organisation.

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Deadline for entries and nominations is 12 July 2019

If you experience any problems with completing the online forms please contact enquiries@wlep.co.uk