Local Training Provider shows support for National Apprenticeship Week

The Development Manager (TDM) is proud to be involved with the National Apprenticeship Week 2021 ‘Build the Future’ campaign.

They want to use this opportunity to increase awareness of the value apprenticeships add to organisations and promote the accessibility, importance and value proposition of apprenticeships across England.

Derrin Kent, TDM’s MD & Director of Studies says: “You don’t become a professional via a cost-free short course. Instead, you need to make a serious, long-term commitment to a self-development journey with employer mentoring and expert coaching from a high quality training provider.”

“That is why The Development Manager (TDM) is so proud to deliver the Get Ahead in Digital Transformation Programme as a precursor to career entry Level 3/4 apprenticeships. These can then progress onto a degree apprenticeship with a BSc (Hons) qualification attached.”

“If you want to build your future in this way within a 5 year timescale, the seriously hard work starts by applying here!”

With many organisations not fully utilising their Apprenticeship Levy pot, and levy funding available for smaller organisations, some local authority funding support  and the Apprenticeship Incentives payment extension to March 2021, Apprenticeships have never been as important, cost-effective and valuable.

Skills development is critical for business growth and allows organisations to recruit, retrain and retain staff. This mindset paves the way for increased capacity and capability in their teams, whilst retraining helps staff to feel valued, invested in and allows them to set new goals to reach for. Apprenticeships also add immense value to companies, such as improving service to customers, being more effective at winning new business in new markets, leveraging internal efficiencies within support functions, establishing and securing competitive advantage and keeping your finger on the pulse through effective collection and analysis of data

Tech and digital is a key area for apprenticeships right now as companies of all sizes are going through their own version of digital transformation in order to perform, succeed and compete in the marketplace. COVID-19 has massively driven a need to leverage tech and digital capabilities to be able to deliver online and to operate remotely.

Tech and digital apprenticeships will enable organisations to have the skills in place when the new wave of tech lands for Industry 4.0 – VR, AR, Blockchain, 5G etc. with staff who continuously learn and develop to reach new heights.

Offering different routes that suit different options, TDM believes that Apprenticeships and Degree Apprenticeships are the most important educational programmes available in the UK for developing the “fortitude and endurance” that is needed to drive Britain’s Skills Development forward. Genuinely work-based learning, when underpinned with academic rigour, is an extremely effective strategy for developing employable knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours.

If you are a business considering a longer-term solution to your skills gap, who wants to drive the local and national economy and to work with an Apprenticeship Provider who is completely employer responsive from start to finish of a programme, then request a call to discuss your business needs today.

Contact the team at The Development Manager via their website here. – https://thedevelopmentmanager.com/