Employer of the Year Nomination Form – 2024

Employer of the Year recognises employers who can demonstrate their commitment and contribution to apprenticeships, and the success that apprenticeships have brought to their organisation.


Employers can nominate themselves for the Worcestershire Apprenticeship Employer of the Year award or be nominated from somebody external (e.g. training provider, partner organisation)



To apply for the Employer of the Year Award the employer must be based in, or have a substantial presence in Worcestershire delivering apprenticeships.

What are judges looking for?

Judges are looking for exemplar employers who can demonstrate their ongoing commitment, contribution and the success that apprenticeships have brought to their organisation.

Make sure you give the judges hard evidence to base their decisions on. Include examples of best practice which makes your organisation’s apprenticeship programme better than the next.

The judges recognise that apprenticeship programmes will be able to develop more tangible and measurable success indicators as they progress and mature. Use your responses to demonstrate your achievements to date, and provide the judges with as much tangible supporting evidence as possible.


If you require any support with your nomination/entry or you experience any difficulties with the online form, please contact the team on info@worcsapprenticeships.org.uk

Employer of the Year

Employer of the Year

Nomination Category (Please tick appropriate)
Who is nominating the employer for this award?
Please only complete this form if the entry is not SELF NOMINATED.
MUST HAVE SOME INPUT FROM THE EMPLOYER. Judges are looking for a sound strategy behind your apprenticeship programme. They want to see a clear rationale for why you introduced apprenticeships into your organisation and what your objectives were. A stand-out answer will include the following: – An outline of your organisation and your apprenticeship programme. – Why your organisation decided to invest in apprenticeships and how this investment fits into your organisation’s overall strategy. – How your apprenticeship programme has helped to meet your organisation’s skills needs – The tangible measures your organisation uses to demonstrate the success of your apprenticeship programme and your investment in it. – Tangible organisational benefits that are a direct result of your investment in apprenticeships, linked to the objectives you set for your apprenticeship programme – Your plans for developing and enhancing your apprenticeship programme.
Provide clear and tangible evidence of how the employer is an exemplary employer. A robust answer will include the following: – Why you believe the delivery of the apprenticeship programme is exceptional. Please make use of any external validation/feedback if available. – Examples of how you/they are committed to promoting investment in skills and sharing best practice through ambassadorial activities. – Why you/they are a role model for other employers.
Judges are looking for evidence of the benefits the apprenticeship programme has brought to both the apprentices and organisation. A good answer will include the following: – How you/they support apprentices beyond the baseline requirements of the relevant apprenticeship standard e.g. additional training, mentoring and ambassadorial activities. – Ways in which apprentices have benefited from the opportunities presented by the apprenticeship programme. – Evidence of progression/promotion/retention successes.