Mack Gorman – Elemental Media

Name: Mack Gorman
Employer: Elemental Media
Type of apprenticeship: Digital Media Apprentice

Mack Gorman applied for the Digital Media Apprenticeship at Elemental Media. The interview process involved producing a presentation and delivering it at his interview. Mack’s presentation was impressive and he was offered the job.

Elemental Media, a boutique digital agency in Malvern, was established in 2016. The company helps businesses with web design, branding, campaigns, social media content and much more. They have a wide variety of customers from Unilever to The Church of England.

As they are a local company, Elemental Media were able to benefit from the Apprentice Grant Scheme offered by Malvern Hills District Council. They received up to £1,000 to help with the cost of taking on an apprentice.

This enabled Elemental Media to take on an apprentice, and enabled Mack Gorman to start his career in Digital Marketing.

Malvern Hills District Council offers two grant schemes to local businesses looking to take on apprentices and graduates: Apprentice Grant and the Malvern Hills Graduate Internship and Recruitment Grant.

Malvern Hills District Council also offers an Apprenticeship Bursary to help young people enroll to an apprenticeship.

For more information contact Christine Butler, Economic Development Officer, at or call 01684 862183.