Laura Barrett – Amada UK

Name: Laura Barrett
Employer: Amada UK
Type of apprenticeship: Business Administration

When Laura finished her GCSE’s she achieved 1 A, 6 Bs 3Cs and 1D. I knew at the time that I wanted to join the RAF to become a mechanical engineer but wanted to give myself some time to learn more about myself and have some opportunities for when I left the RAF.  I therefore decided to stay on at Stourport High School and Sixth Form College to complete A-levels. My original choices were Sociology, Philosophy and Ethics, Core Maths and A-Level ICT. I soon realised that although I understood the subjects, I struggled to convey that knowledge in an exam.  Unfortunately, I failed   Philosophy and ICT and dropped out of the Philosophy and Ethics courses before the exams.

Instead of leaving, I decided to change courses and studied Business Admin, BTEC ICT and core Maths. This suited me much better and having completed these subjects with 1 B and 2C’s, I was more determined than ever to go in the RAF, but couldn’t not for another year. So, I started volunteering at the Riding for Disabled Association (RDA) at Stourport riding centre, helping children with learning and physical disabilities ride ponies. This was very fulfilling and I enjoyed doing this on a weekly basis. But after almost a year of doing it, and sadly not finding a part time job in that time, I felt that I needed to start to find something else to do.

I knew since the end of High School that I did not want to go to University, I didn’t like the idea of lectures and then the massive student debt at the end, and so since then I have been very interested in apprenticeships. After some research, I managed to find myself a few interviews and possible avenues for Business Administration. After having done Business Studies and Business Admin at both GCSE and A-level, I had realised that I loved it, and this was something I enjoyed thoroughly.

I found an apprenticeship at a company called Amada with the help of a local training provider, WGTA. I am now working on a service hotline in Amada and enjoying every minute. I am also doing a great Administration course which I also love and enjoy completing.

I have found this apprenticeship hard work at times, but very beneficial as I have found myself and found my strengths as well as having gained so much experience, some great new friends and colleagues all through this apprenticeship and the brilliant course provided by WGTA, including a very rewarding Residential trip which I would recommended to anybody.

My parents are very proud of me and have seen a noticeable difference in my confidence and personality, through being able to voice my opinions more and become more confident in all situations. From this success, I look forward to the next challenge which will be Business Administration Level 3 and I can’t wait for the future that lies ahead.

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