Katie Turner – Amada UK

Name: Katie Turner
Employer: Amada UK
Training provider: Business Administration Apprentices Level 2 and 3

Katie had no idea what she wanted to study or do as a career after she left school. Her friends were going on to study A levels and then university, so she decided to follow this same route.

Katie started her A level’s at Dudley Sixth in 2016 studying Law, Business and English Language. Alongside this she started a part time job at Hickories Smokehouse as a hostess due to her eagerness to pay for her driving lessons.

After doing this for a while Katie felt that she wanted something with more structure as she was finding it hard to balance her work and studies.  Unfortunately, she didn’t do as well in her first year exams as she wanted to.  She became full time hostess where she won employee of the month but shortly afterwards the restaurant had a serious fire and closed down so Katie lost her job.

Disorientated in what her future employment path was going to be, Katie then decided to go down the NVQ route and started a Level 3 NVQ in Hair and Makeup as she was interested in beauty. She completed the course earlier than expected and after a short spell back at the restaurant after it reopened she still felt unfulfilled by either this or the beauty career options.

On the recommendation of her Dad and Grandad she looked into apprenticeships and applied for an apprenticeship in Business Administration at Amada UK in Kidderminster through Worcester Group Training Association. Katie loved the customer service environment and went on to complete her Level 2 and Level 3 qualifications.  Furthermore, in November 2018 she went on to win Worcester Group Training’s Level 2 apprentice of the year.

Talking of her experience, Katie said, “I have thoroughly loved the combination of going to college, meeting new friends and learning in the workplace on the job as well as getting paid and not having to get into any debt. If I’m honest, I wish I had pursued an apprenticeship sooner as I am so pleased which what I have achieved.”

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