Hannah Saunders – DRISQ

Name: Hannah Saunders
Employer: DRISQ
Type of apprenticeship: Software Degree Apprentice

DRISQ is a Malvern based company, they develop software verification systems (software quality control). Since the company started in 2012 they have taken on a number of apprentices and are firm believers in the scheme. Managing Director, Nick Tudor stated, “there was a need to grow the business and it made sense to train local talent.”

Hannah was employed by DRISQ as an apprentice and completed her Level 3 Software apprenticeship. During her time working at DRISQ she learnt programming languages and helped develop the user interface. She impressed so much, she is now doing her Degree Apprentice in Software at DRISQ and Coventry University. Hannah said, “apprenticeships make sense if you have identified the pathway you wish to take, you can attend university with no debt and continued work experience”.

Malvern Hills District Council offers two grant schemes to local businesses looking to take on apprentices and graduates: Apprentice Grant and the Malvern Hills Graduate Internship and Recruitment Grant.

Malvern Hills District Council also offers an Apprenticeship Bursary to help young people enroll to an apprenticeship and develop their career.  For more information contact Christine Butler, Economic Development Officer, at Christine.Butler@malvernhills.gov.uk or call 01684 862183.