Hannah Boit – Bromsgrove Library

Name: Hannah Boit
Employer: Bromsgrove Library
Type of apprenticeship: Customer Service Level 2

When I finished my GCSEs (1xA*, 3xA, 5xB, 3xC) the next logical step to me was A levels. I started my first year doing Archaeology and German alongside English Literature and Classical Civilisation, but quickly realised my strengths lay in English and Classics, so in my second year I did English Literature, English Language and Classical Civilisation. Though out my time at college one thing became clear- the student life was not for me.

I struggled through two years at college and, adamant I was not going to university, hit the internet for jobs. I had no idea what I wanted to do, so I just applied for any job that caught my eye. The one and only response I got in those six months was a waitressing job at a local pub, so I thought ‘why not?’ When I got the job, it quickly became apparent that waitressing was no strength of mine. I quickly grew to dislike the job and started dreading going to work, but that changed when my sister showed me a job advertisement on Facebook. ‘It’s perfect for you’ and ‘you’re going for it, right?’ were frequently heard over the next few weeks, but I was unsure about applying- I’d had no luck before, and the one place that wanted me made me hate working. Ultimately my love for books pushed me to apply for the Customer Service Level 2 apprenticeship at Bromsgrove Library- I have never been happier.

This apprenticeship helped build my confidence back up, helped me want to go to work again. So many of my friends are swimming in debt at university, while I am earning money and learning at the same time. I am able to interact with people every day in my role as a Library Customer Advisor. While I don’t have time to read at work, my library card always has books that I have picked up during my shift on it to read when I’m home. I love this apprenticeship because it gives me the opportunity to promote reading to everyone; it means my childhood enthusiasm can be passed onto the next generation.

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