Former Apprentice Case Study – Emma Jeffries

Name: Emma Jeffries
Employer: Southco Manufacturing UK
Type of apprenticeship: Business Administration

When I was in my last year at Nunnery Wood High School, I was struggling as to my next steps with what I wanted to do. I had the GCSEs to go to University but knew that was not for me in terms of interest and financially. We had a visit from a local college in terms of Apprenticeships as an option and the idea of working whilst studying was really appealing.

I knew that I was quite organised and so the option of a Business Administration seemed the right avenue for me. As this was way back in 1996, part of the course was computer skills (we didn’t have computers in school back then!) and secretarial skills with understanding of business such as financials.

I attended interviews with three different employers and received offers from all of them. I decided to choose Southco Manufacturing Limited as they were moving to become a Global employer and growing. It was the right choice as I am still there today.

The Apprenticeship gave me the opportunity to work in all different departments to help me to understand what I enjoyed and where my career would go. Part of that rotation was with Human Resources, which I really enjoyed and was thankfully given a permanent position as Administrator within that department. I continued my apprenticeship for 2 years adding German to the administration apprenticeship.

I have continued to develop and grow with Southco, moving up through the ranks within HR to my current position of HRD Manager in charge of the department and on the management team for the Worcester facility. I have completed my degree whilst at Southco and continued my learning.

Without the apprenticeship programme I would not be where I am today.