Ella Bates – Worcestershire County Council

Name: Ella Bates
Employer: Worcestershire County Council
Type of apprenticeship: Level 3 Business Administration

I attended Stourport High School left in 2016 achieving 10 GCSEC graded A-C and joined Worcester Sixth Form College for 2 years where I studied BTEC Level 3 business studies and extended diploma– which I thoroughly enjoyed. I also completed a professional programme course which outlined various different career pathways (backgrounds) and gave a more in-depth understanding of businesses and how to become an entrepreneur. I finished WSFC with D*D*D* grade. Once I had finished college I was unsure of the career pathway I wanted to choose but knew it had to be something business related as I love to put my passion into my work. In the meantime, I carried out various WEX to try and get a feel as to the sector was most suited to me. I then got a babysitting job whilst trying to figure out my career which is when I came across the apprenticeship at Worcestershire County Council.

I knew Uni wasn’t for me.  I didn’t like the idea of the debt especially as I had no clue what to study. I am a practical learner so having an apprenticeship whilst gaining hands on experience really enticed me. I also loved the idea to earn whilst you learn.

Having a mentor is very beneficial as not only does she help me with any questions and queries I have against my job role and apprenticeship, but she also gives me hands on experience and helps me progress further throughout my apprenticeship and helps me to become the best version of myself.

I manage my apprenticeship workload very effectively. I have a 7 hour a day study day each week whereby I complete any assignments and outstanding apprenticeship work. I make a priority plan of the outstanding tasks I have to complete and set goals to achieve in each session.  I have gained many transferable skills that can be used throughout different job roles. I have also gained experience in different sectors such as events management and finance etc.

I love every aspect of the job! I really love communicating with different people and earning whilst I am learning! I also love applying my passion into my work and being able to have the opportunity to further expand my skills, knowledge and experience really is amazing!!!  I have also made friends that will last a lifetime!

My plans for the future? I really enjoy working for the council, I feel like my team and the work we do really matched my skills enabling me to get the most out of my work. As I take on lead role of booking coordinator for the Worcestershire Skills Show (which I really enjoy) I feel like I may want to pursue a career in events management or, alternatively possibly even become an entrepreneur and set up my own small -business. Either way my apprenticeship has helped me gain a vast amount of skills, qualifications and experiences that can be related to the wider workplace and also to help me successfully progress onto my next career pathway.

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