Career Boosting Apprenticeship Success – Redditch

Apprenticeships offer a pathway for employers to build a talented and skilled future workforce and now there are more incentives for those who use the pathway.

Redditch based manufacturer, FAUN-Zoeller, a manufacturer and supplier of specialised refuse collection vehicles and road sweepers, have recognised the need to bring in fresh talent and expertise to support their business growth.

Very early in the Covid lockdown, FAUN- Zoeller Managing Director, Simon Hyde, who himself started his career as an apprentice, recognised the need to adjust parts of the business model to change how they took their product to market, particularly with the restrictions on travel exports and attending overseas industry exhibitions,

Simon said, “Our future business is particularly centred around the development hydrogen fuel cell technology as part of our focus on decarbonisation.  The Covid crisis accelerated our succession planning process to bring in a new generation of apprentices; bringing with them new ideas for ecommerce and digital skills.  We are very excited about commencing our recruitment of 2 apprentices in the next few weeks.”

In the Government’s Summer Statement, a range of new support incentives were launched for employers who take on an apprentice with a payment of £2000 to employers who take on a young person between the age of 16-24 in addition to the pre-existing £1000 available for 16-18 year old apprentices.  A grant of £1500 is available for apprentices over the age of 25 or over.

For more information about how to access the apprenticeship support that is available to employers and young people, please contact Worcestershire Apprenticeships by emailing or calling 0300 666 3 666.