Career Boosting Apprenticeship Success – Bromsgrove

Apprenticeships offer a pathway for employers to build a talented and skilled future workforce and now there are more incentives for those who use the pathway.

Bromsgrove library have been able to make the most of the apprenticeship scheme after getting a new apprentice to provide vital support to their services.

Hannah Boit was a customer service apprentice given the chance to pursue her love and passion for reading through her apprenticeship course.

Hannah finished her GCSEs and the next logical step to her was A levels, but one thing became clear, the student life was not for her.

After struggling through college and with no idea what she wanted to do, Hannah applied for any job that caught her eye, but after picking up a waitressing role quickly grew to dislike the job and started dreading going to work.

This ultimately changed when she was encouraged by her family to follow her love for books and applied for a customer service apprenticeship at Bromsgrove Library.

Hannah added, “I have never been happier. This apprenticeship helped build my confidence back up, helped me want to go to work again. So many of my friends are swimming in debt at university, while I am earning money and learning at the same time.

“I love this apprenticeship because it gives me the opportunity to promote reading to everyone; it means my childhood enthusiasm can be passed onto the next generation.”

In the Government’s Summer Statement, a range of new support incentives were launched for employers who take on an apprentice with a payment of £2000 to employers who take on a young person between the age of 16-24 in addition to the pre-existing £1000 available for 16-18 year old apprentices.  A grant of £1500 is available for apprentices over the age of 25 or over.

For more information about how to access the apprenticeship support that is available to employers and young people, please contact Worcestershire Apprenticeships by emailing or calling 0300 666 3 666.