Worcestershire Apprenticeship Hub and Clearing House

Worcestershire Apprenticeship Hub provides services for young people, parents and employers to encourage the growth of apprenticeship opportunities and increase the number of young people becoming apprentices in Worcestershire.



The Worcestershire Apprenticeship Hub can help you to find an Apprenticeship with an employer and training provider that suits your needs. We help you understand the opportunities available, apply for vacancies, prepare for interviews and access an Apprenticeship.

The Clearing House will support young people in their application who are finding it difficult to get an Apprenticeship



We make Apprenticeships easy for small and medium-sized businesses across the Worcestershire area.  We provide you with information relevant to your business and offer an impartial referral service to the right training provider who will help you to recruit and develop your apprentice.


Looking for an Apprenticeship? Wanting independent, expert advice?  Look no further, our team is here to help and advise you.