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Over the past few weeks I have attended various career fairs to help spread the word about apprenticeships and show that heading to university is not necessarily the right next step for everyone.

On Tuesday 24 April I attended the Wyre Forest Apprenticeship Show, at Kidderminster Rugby Club. It was great to hear what people in the area already know about apprenticeships, and it felt really beneficial to be able to give them further knowledge on training providers and employers.

During the event, I noticed that some people think that apprentices are treated still as young people or students, when in my experience that really isn’t the case.

Our apprenticeships are about learning, but in my role with Sanctuary I am expected to comply with the same policy and procedures that full time workers do, things like one-to-one meetings and appraisals – everyone treats everyone the same, it doesn’t matter how senior you are in the company.

Most recently, on Wednesday 2 May, I attended a careers fair at Haybridge Sixth Form. This event featured a wider mix of apprenticeship stands and stands from universities including Worcester, Cardiff and Birmingham.

Our stand was right next to the stand for the University of Worcester, and before the students came in we got chatting to the people on that stand.

As former university students, it was great to hear their opinions on apprenticeships and the degree apprenticeships that are now out there and available.

To me it reflects extremely positively on how far the apprenticeship programme has come and where it can head in the future.

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