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Worcestershire Apprentice of the Year Ben Hyde, of Sanctuary Group

National Apprenticeship Week 2018 has been a great chance to promote apprenticeships within the region.

On Monday I had the chance to meet senior staff from within Sanctuary Group to ask questions about their experiences and any advice they had for apprentices working across the Group.

Later on in the day I was lucky enough to be able to give a presentation on Worcestershire apprenticeships and how my experiences with Sanctuary and Worcester Group Training Association have helped me develop my skills and understanding on how businesses work.

I attended the Worcestershire Skills Show on Wednesday at the Chateau Impney hotel in Droitwich to help spread the word on apprenticeships and was on a stand for Sanctuary and Worcestershire Apprenticeships until 7.30pm.

It was great to see how surprised people were to hear the benefits of doing an apprenticeship and just how much people can get out of them. It shows to us that the message is really getting across to people.

On Friday, at Sanctuary there was a networking event with all of the level three apprentices discussing our apprenticeship journeys so far and then presenting the things we have got up to during the last 17 months. It was good to hear things that people have learnt and the opportunities they have had since joining Sanctuary.

Overall the week was a great success as a whole and it was great to be able celebrate and promote apprenticeships. I thoroughly enjoyed it and hope to spread the word throughout the year.

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