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George Griffiths – Ping Marketing

George Griffiths Biz FitI started the look for an apprenticeship after finishing my first year of Sixth Form. I was always a difficult student to teach and found that sitting in a classroom everyday learning about subjects, that didn’t have much relevance to my choice of career, wasn’t being productive.

After another year of indecisiveness and having just completed my A-levels, I received an offer to start my first apprenticeship at a company called The Total Event Company or TTEC as I called it. Many people say that they struggle choosing between an apprenticeship or going to university… I didn’t see a problem, I chose instantly and never regretted it for a second.

My first apprenticeship was a Level 3 in Business & Administration; however, the role was very open covering event management, marketing and graphic design. TTEC gave me a great welcome into a working environment with a small team that all had a good sense of humor.

I enjoyed my role at TTEC but after making the decision to go to America for a few months, I knew I was giving up my job. Getting back from America I felt I was lost and after I spent a short time going through a few business admin jobs, I found myself pushing to get into marketing – the career I had always wanted to pursue.

I had a very basic knowledge of marketing and felt like I needed an opportunity to develop myself further. After discussing with the 3aaa team about my interests, my experience, my options, and how I see my future, they set up some interviews for roles really suited to me.

After just 2 interviews I found the role I was looking for and was lucky enough to be offered the place on the team. This is where my career at Ping Marketing began. I was put on to complete my City & Guilds Level 4 Digital Marketing Diploma, and whilst I’m still working at Ping I am now aiming to complete my Level 6 Professional Diploma later this year!

Over these apprenticeships, I have developed a confident knowledge in marketing and the great thing about apprentice employers they are friendly, understanding and they offer you as much support as you could possible need.

I think I can honestly say that the apprenticeship scheme has helped me develop myself more than I could possible image. I’ve noticed the differences in professional and my personal life. Being introduced to the working environment from an early age has given me confidence, motivation, knowledge and given me a good perspective on where I would like to be in 5 years’ time.

Without a doubt, if you’re thinking of getting an apprenticeship do it! They have so many options from Engineering to Web Design you couldn’t be given a better opportunity.