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William Taylor – The Development Manager


I am working as a Digital Business and IT Support Technician with The Development Manager. Having left Tenbury High School with 10 GCSE’s, and Ludlow College with 3 A-Levels, I started working at an outdoor activity centre teaching Outdoor Pursuits.

I had no interest in pursuing higher education at University, as I saw it as too much money, with no goals in mind or idea of a career. I knew I wanted to work in the IT sector, but I was unsure what field.

After a few years of working in Outdoor Pursuits, TDM rang to offer an interview for a joint Apprenticeship opportunity with TDM and Worcestershire Apprenticeships. The role would be helping on an IT support desk at TDM, while helping Worcestershire Apprenticeships with website updates and graphic design.

After the interview, TDM rang that evening to offer me the position which I gladly accepted. I saw Apprenticeships as a great opportunity to earn while you learn, which suited me perfectly. Currently, I have achieved my Level 3 ICT Professional Apprenticeship, and am looking to start my level 6 Degree Apprenticeship with TDM.

I would definitely recommend an Apprenticeship, as it gives you the knowledge and important life skills to start a career, and they are fast becoming a great alternative to University.