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What am I going to do with my life? This was a question I asked myself when I left Cardiff University a couple of years ago, and honestly I had no clue. I started off with a small part time job just to get some money in the bank to feed my ridiculous eating habits! Whilst rethinking about my future, the thought of apprenticeships had never crossed my mind and it was only due to a friend starting one that I even considered it!

IMG_4115My journey from the awards in November to the current day, I have met and worked with some amazing people in our county, I really have been spoiled. This would never have happened if my employer hadn’t have nominated me, so thank you James! Most recently, I was approached by the team at World Class Worcestershire to be featured on the launch of their new website on ‘People in Worcestershire’.

This section has a brief summary of my journey from university to making the best decision of my life and engage with Worcestershire Apprenticeships. As this feature states, my advice to anyone considering becoming an apprentice is if it’s truly what you want to do, go for it! Don’t be scared to try new things, walk along the tight rope, your employer is there to catch you so you will never fail!

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Victoria x

Higher Apprentice and Worcestershire Apprentice of the Year 2015

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