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Those that have met my employer James or myself, it will soon become apparent that we promote apprenticeships as much as we can! From having an insurance background where it is deemed boring, white, middle management sort of environment (these are the words of an editor at Insurance Times!), TRS are very proactive in introducing new, fresh and innovate blood into our sector. For over 3 years now, TRS have been involved in apprenticeships.

TECH_INN_LOGO-FINALISTDuring National Apprenticeship Week (see post further down the page), I mention that when I joined TRS, there was only one other apprentice, Joe whom started his career as a software developer with TDM Wyre Academy. As we are predominately split between claims management and software solutions, Joe’s mentor gave him a lot of responsibility from very early on and due to the likes of me, his work load continues to increase. Technology and I don’t mix very well and our clients requirements are forever changing.

Working on a new insurance initiative, this year is looking very exciting! Due to the hard work and grueling schedule (don’t tell James I said that..), we are incredibly excited and proud to be shortlisted for another award! The Insurance Times host the Tech & Innovation Awards in September at the Royal Garden Hotel in London and TRS are among those to be going. This new initiative which I have been working on, I had roped Joe into creating a brand new claims system which the genius completed in 3 days :O Half of the team which has worked on this project are Worcestershire Apprentices so a thank you to our training provider TDM Wyre Academy for their continued support and the opportunities which TRS has given us.

If I haven’t flown the flag enough… Please consider a Worcestershire Apprenticeship.

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Victoria x

Higher Apprentice and Worcestershire Apprentice of the Year 2015

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