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IMG_5573Last Wednesday, Worcestershire Apprenticeships organised a trip to the Houses of Parliament for apprentices, training providers and employers with me being among them. I had mentioned this trip to my boss whom believed this was an extravagant excuse to not come into the office (Hence the photo evidence of me in Westminster Hall)! 

Every time I go to London I feel like a tourist… But this experience was something else and felt completely surreal. Once the group arrived, we went through an airport style security; bags, belts, coats, everything was checked with visitor passes issued once we were given the green light.

We met with Robin Walker MP, whom myself and TRS have a couple of meetings to promote education and apprenticeships within Worcestershire and beyond. Robin gave us all a warm welcome for what was to be a busy day in parliament as we’d arrived on the day the budget announcement was to be made. Meeting with our tour guide, we were shown around. For someone who was a complete nightmare in school, I would have typically been the clown, not listening and believe this to be a history lesson. I can honestly say I found it so interesting!  I don’t think I can describe the experience but every single detail within every single room caught your eye. The colours, architecture, paintings, floor tiles were something I have never seen before.

For me the highlight of the day had to be near the end. Now, this sounds like an insult like I couldn’t wait to get home but it isn’t the case. Myself and a couple of others decided to wait to see if we could get into the public gallery in the Houses of Commons. Whilst many had waited ages and given up due to our coach coming at 2pm, we got there at the right time and got some spaces! Seeing Jeremy Corbyn speak, hearing the buzz from the room and seeing David Cameron sitting not that far away felt completely bizarre and an experience I will always remember.

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Victoria x

Higher Apprentice and Worcestershire Apprentice of the Year 2015

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