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Yesterday, Connected Schools and Business Programme organised the Skills Show hosted at Sixways Stadium. An estimated 1500 pupils attended to discuss future career paths across an array of sectors with some of the best employers in Worcestershire exhibiting. 

IMG_5503Whilst I was still in school, this would have been the perfect opportunity to have a day out of classroom as I was a little bit of a troublemaker! Speaking with a few students on the day, I was surprised on have things have changed. Posed with the questions I asked, ‘what are your interests?’, ‘what subjects do you enjoy’, ‘any idea of the sector you want to look into’, my 16 year old self would have worn a blank, confused face. However, yesterday the students could answer these questions even if it meant they weren’t sure on how to get there. The Skill Show was therefore a fantastic opportunity to find the resources and skills needed to get to the desired outcome. The CSAB programme really is helping students, schools and employers.

What I found refreshing was the companies that had attended really interacting with the students with some ‘give it a go’ activities. Even at the age of 23, it had an appeal to me. With a fear of heights, having a go on a virtual sky drive hasn’t conquered my fear but the experience was surreal! West Midlands Safari had bought along a few friends including ‘Bob’, who to me looked like he belonged to the hedgehog family, only to find out he was related to the elephant…

For my first year at the Skills Show, I can honestly see the appeal for employers and it was only due to other commitments that myself and TRS were unable to exhibit. We definitely will be doing it next year.

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Victoria x

Higher Apprentice and Worcestershire Apprentice of the Year 2015

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