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FullSizeRenderBefore the Worcestershire Apprenticeship Awards back in November, I had always had a passion for apprenticeships in what it has provided me and the other apprentices at The Replacement Service. Bumping into old school teachers in supermarkets, it was refreshing to hear them say how they are now encouraging more students to seriously consider becoming an apprentice (a lot different from when I was in school!). 

With the increased interest becoming apparent and a steady growth of apprenticeship opportunities within Worcestershire, my mission is to carry on this initiative and ensure we keep the great talent that have come out of the county, remain here! To help with my mission, yesterday I met with Robin Walker MP who has been appointed the Parliamentary Apprenticeship Ambassador and was very enthused in meeting to discuss future promotion opportunities and any joint ventures we could come up with.

Robin had told me about his background, how he had got involved in apprenticeships as well as past campaigns and was interested in hearing my story as well as ideas myself, The Replacement Service and Worcestershire County Council have been working on. We have come up with a few ideas throughout this year to inspire both the employer and young professionals into the apprenticeship scheme.

Watch this space.

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Victoria x

Higher Apprentice and Worcestershire Apprentice of the Year 2015

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