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At the age 16, I knew I wanted independence and to move away from the town I had grown up in (Evesham). For those who do not know Evesham, there is nothing wrong with it but for a teenager it is very small and the idea of moving to a big city and meeting new people is very appealing.

I decided to stay at Evesham Sixth Form, now DMS, as I was still unsure what subject to take at university. At this time, Apprenticeships weren’t on the agenda with most of our age range thinking there were only opportunities for Construction and Engineering so university or employment were our options. I studied Physical Education, Art, ICT and French and being very fickle, I would change my mind regularly on what area to pursue further! Eventually, I decided Sport would be my route.
St Augustine WorkshopFrom my previous blog post, you would have read how my experience at university didn’t work out and after 2 years at UWIC (University Wales Institute Cardiff), I made the hardest decision to leave my life behind, as I knew this wasn’t where my future would lie. Speaking with others today on this decision, I still maintain that this was the best thing I ever did and still to this day, I don’t look back and regret it.

Following my very haphazard experiences of  university, work placements and apprenticeships, I am very passionate in sharing my story and trying to help and guide others into their own paths, without being bias. Although apprenticeships has given me everything I wanted, I can understand the attractions for university.

Today, myself and Helena Baxter visited St Augustine’s High School in Redditch to introduce apprenticeships and guide them through the application processes as well as providing impartial advice on their options. Like myself, many were torn between what and where to go but are seriously considering an apprenticeship. Personally, I could not be happier as I would love others to experience what I have and it is incredibly rewarding for the work myself and Worcestershire Apprenticeships are putting in.

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Victoria x

Higher Apprentice and Worcestershire Apprentice of the Year 2015


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